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Vision, Mission & Key Objectives

Our Vision

Leading Transformation through Training & Development

Our Mission

To Facilitate Individuals and Organizations.To excel in Training & Development Activities Serve As Reservoir of Universal Knowledge of Human Interface through Innovative Practices and Original Exploratory Research

Key Objectives

Key Objectives

ISTD seeks to bring together individuals from Government, industry, education and such other institutions to evolve and develop improved and effective HRD/Training practices tools and technologies. The objectives of the Society are to:

  • Promote a better and more effective utilization of human resources through education, training and development in all spheres of Govt., agriculture, industry, commerce, education infrastructure, services & such other sectors;

  • Provide leadership and promote study and application of professional principles and practices in the field of training and development in order to assist management and administrations to develop and maintain an effective organization;

  • Promote an understanding of training and development as a basic responsibility of management and administration and to assist the organizations in planning and implementing their programmes for manpower development with a view to maintaining their effectiveness and facilitating their adaptability to changing problems and challenges;

  • Stimulate thought and efforts for the dissemination, exchange and furtherance of information, knowledge, research, techniques, materials, aids, skills and attitudes in the field of training & development;

  • Sponsor appropriate research and/or publish necessary literature, books, journals, newsletters, pamphlets, and reports;

  • Encourage or assist in the promotion of professional school and other institutions allied with the objective of the Society and other professional degrees, diplomas and certificates;

  • To institute and establish scholarships, grants, awards, and prizes to encourage study and research in the field of training & development;

  • Establish, organize or assist in setting up professional institutions, libraries, laboratories and exhibitions;

  • Conduct or to assist in conducting conferences, meetings, lectures/seminars, workshops or other programs;

  • Co-operate with institutions, bodies and agencies having similar objectives, for the promotion and development of the training & development movement in the country;

  • Maintain constructive liaison or join any association, organization or to seek or grant affiliation to any other body having similar objectives in India or abroad;

  • Constitute, support and assist in the establishment of Chapters of the Society in various parts of India in order to make its activities more effective and to spearhead the training & development movement throughout the country by giving full scope for the development of local ingenuity and talents;

  • Foster a feeling of fellowship among its members and to promote understanding and goodwill among all persons, working in the field of training & development.

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